Illegal Oil Dumping

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Illegal oil dumping poses numerous known hazards to both humans and wildlife.  Depending on the location and extent of the dumping, contamination in the food and water supply in the area can affect wildlife and humans for years to come, especially if done commercially.  However, most illegal oil dumping takes the form of individual citizens attempting to remove old automobile oil from their residences without taking it to the proper dump sites.  Oil dumping, when done by individuals or businesses, is not only environmentally unsafe, but also, illegal as well. 

Laws on Oil Dumping

Environmental protection laws and other oil dumping court decisions have noted that illegal dumping of oil, whether by individuals or business is a criminal offense.  Depending on the severity and scope of the environment protection law violations, as well as the overall amount of damages incurred from the illegal dumping, prosecutors can charge individuals with fines, community service hours, and in some cases, criminal counts resulting in jail or prison sentences.  Additionally, fines related to illegal oil dumping will not only include the cost of cleanup, but also, the cost of damages incurred to other businesses, municipalities, and individuals, as well as the very real possibility of punitive damages being assessed as well.

Getting Legal Help for Illegal Oil Dumping Charges

Handling illegal oil dumping cases can be a complex matter, where not all relevant areas of the law are known by either the accused or the prosecutor. Having an attorney represent your interests against illegal dumping charges is essential to avoid future fines and penalties that will undoubtedly cost much more than legal counsel will.  In addition, civil cases stemming from illegal dumping will only further add punitive and recuperative damage costs to yourself or your company, unless an attorney represents your case for you.  Illegal oil dumping cases are relatively rare in most areas, therefore, having an attorney that has actually tried these types of cases previously is essential to obtain the most favorable outcome.