My daughter was exposed to toxic black mold in her college dorm room. Shes been feeling sick for weeks now. What can I do?

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My daughter began feeling a bit nauseated and dizzy about 10 days after returning to her California dorm room following the long summer break. When cleaning the other day, she moved the provided bed away from the wall and discovered a large patch of toxic black mold. Can she sue the university for her health problems and its failure to find that health hazard before allowing her to return to that room?



Your daughter will need to speak to a personal injury attorney who has specialized in pursuing toxic black mold cases. The university will probably have to answer for the mold your daughter found since they should have discovered it while preparing the rooms for the return of all the students.

Give your daughter advice about selecting the best attorney she can in her area. You might want to fly out and help her make that choice. This type of claim can involve some painstaking research into whether or not the school is handling its maintenance chores properly and whether or not there were any floods in the building over the summer.

If your daughter hasn’t already moved out of that dorm, be sure to ask her attorney to speak with the university on her behalf so she can readily obtain a healthy university (or off-campus) room or apartment. Her lawyer should also know where to send her for the best treatment of her toxic black mold-related illness.

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