Our house suffered tornado damage and toxic black mold formed in the pipes. Insurance won't cover for the damages. I need help?

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Two months ago, our house was seriously damaged during a tornado and subsequent rain storms here in northern Louisiana. Our insurance company says that the water damage that caused the toxic black mold to form wasn’t covered under our home insurance policy. We documented the damage on film and with still photos before we were required to tear the house down. We filed a complaint with Louisiana’s state insurance board less than two weeks after the tornado. Can I appeal that insurance decision and recover under our policy?



You’re going to need a very talented environmental law attorney who’s equally well-versed in insurance law to help you. Be aware that many of the big-name, nationwide insurance companies have been completely rewording their home insurance policies in recent years (to narrow their coverage) following Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.

Reread your home insurance policy to determine exactly what types of weather events are excluded from coverage. Hopefully, your lawyer can find a way you can proceed against your insurance company under your policy. Look to see if there was any reference to coverage for toxic black mold – or any other type of mold.

It was wise to file that complaint with the state insurance board. Your lawyer will probably move quickly to appeal that earlier decision if that’s allowed in your state. If you had your house specially weatherized prior to that most recent tornado and storm activity, be ready to provide your attorney with copies of all paperwork that documents those efforts.

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