Can I sue my employer for exposure to Dangerous Carcinogens which I believe led to my Mesothelioma diagnosis?

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I worked in a place that I was exposed to a lot of different chemicals including asbestos, which I guess is a known carcinogen now. Well, I have lung cancer and mesothelioma. Can I sue the company for exposing me to all those carcinogens?



Often, it can be difficult to prove that exposure to a particular carcinogen caused cancer. However, mesothelioma is a specific type of cancer only caused by exposure to asbestos, so in some cases, winning lawsuits related to mesothelioma is easier than winning a traditional environmental lawsuit based on exposure to carcinogens. You should speak with an attorney who is experienced in handling environmental protection claims, or an asbestos attorney with experience filing asbestos related lawsuits, to discuss your specific options and possible causes of action against your former employer.

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