I found toxic black mold in a home I just bought 7 months after the purchase date. Do I have any legal options?

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When I bought a house seven months ago, I had it fully inspected before escrow closed. Recently, when I decided to remodel the attic, I discovered large patches of toxic black mold. Can I file a lawsuit and who should I sue?



You’ll need to speak with an attorney familiar with the personal injury and environmental law issues involved with your case. Be sure to provide your lawyer with the names of all the parties who took part in that original inspection of your house. Be ready to explain why you didn’t personally notice this toxic black mold when you were given the chance to view all of the property before escrow closed. Buyers often neglect to look closely at attic and basement conditions and those oversights frequently come back to haunt them.

Ask your attorney if you should also get your entire foundation and structure of the house inspected again by a new company. Attorneys who practice in this field should be able to provide you with a checklist of things to do to protect your investment while pursuing all of your legal options.

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