I have been exposed to Asbestos Dust while working on a contract job. How do I go about taking legal action?

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I'm a 51-year old construction contractor bringing a claim for asbestos but am uncertain which specific exposure to asbestos dust caused my injuries.  How do I prove causation?



One of the main challenges in asbestos litigation is proving causation.  The courts have created a number of different causation standards due to the fact that there could be several contributing factors, missing direct evidence of exposure to a particular product, many potential places of exposure, and numerous asbestos products.  Federal courts rely on the substantial factor standard to evaluate whether exposure to a product containing asbestos was a cause-in-fact of the aggrieved party's asbestos-related illness.  This standard is is based on the notion that the consequence of exposure to asbestos dust is cumulative and may cause a separate and additional injury.  It is up to the jury to look at the circumstantial evidence and determine whether the plaintiff's exposure was a contributing factor to his or her disease.

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