What makes for a strong valid asbestos claims against an employer for asbestos related injuries?

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Which symptoms are typically present in individuals seeking to file a potentially successful claim for asbestosis against their employer?



Employees who have been exposed over a significant period of time to asbestos fibers and dust or who have been around others who have been exposed to asbestos should inform their physicians.  This will enable the latter to properly diagnose and perform the needed tests to evaluate the degree of asbestos exposure and its impact on the employee.  Some of the most commonly-manifested symptoms are as follows:

  • (1) high temperature;
  • (2) swollen abdomen;
  • (3) abdominal pain;
  • (4) dry cough;
  • (5) breathlessness;
  • (6) urinary and bowel issues;
  • (7) nausea;
  • (8) hoarseness;
  • (9) difficulty swallowing;
  • (10) spitting of blood; and
  • (11) unexplained sudden weight loss.


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