Toxic Mold

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Everywhere we go, mold is present. In our homes, there is mold located in the doors, windows, and it gets on pets and clothes as well. Sometimes people are exposed to excess levels of toxic black mold because someone was negligent and failed to remove it. This can be at home, a public place, or at work. If you have suffered from health problems, such as toxic mold syndrome, due to toxic mold exposure, it is imperative to contact our toxic mold attorneys.

Signs that there is too much mold present may include:

  • A Musty Odor
  • Water Stains on Walls
  • Discoloration on Ceilings
  • Areas of Standing Water

Toxic mold syndrome is basically a simple term that is used to describe the different illnesses that can be brought on from toxic mold exposure. Diseases, conditions and illnesses that can result from being exposed to an excessive amount of toxic black mold includes tuberculosis, chronic fatigue, and pneumonia, just to name a few. In more serious cases, individuals that have contracted diseases from toxic black mold exposure have passed away. If you lost someone a family member, child or spouse due to mold exposure, it is imperative to contact our attorneys.

Toxic black mold releases poisonous toxins in the air known as mycotoxins. Even those who are not extremely close to the mold may wind up experiencing health problems. In large commercial buildings, for example, toxic black mold may get into the ventilation system, exposing everyone in the entire building to the harmful effects of the toxic black mold. If you have experienced health problems from being exposed to toxic mold in a building, it is essential to speak with our attorneys.

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