National Environmental Policy Act

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The NEPA, also known as the National Environmental Policy Act of 1964, is an act that established in order to help protect the overall well being of the environment. Basically, this act requires that any environmental impacts are taken into consideration during certain situations.

Some of the following include examples of federal activities that must meet NEPA requirements:

  • Buildings
  • Airports
  • Military Complexes
  • Highways

When it comes to projects that might impact the environment in any way, there may be additional documents that the EPA may review regarding the environment. Any agencies that are planning federal projects must file EIS's (Environmental Impact Statements) with the EPA headquarters. If you feel an agency failed to follow the procedures that are enforced by the National Environmental Policy Act, an environmental law firm can assist you with a possible claim.

The NEPA is a statute that is process oriented. Aside from reviewing any affects that might occur from a federal project, the NEPA also requires that alternative plans for projects are developed that can help to minimize negative effects on the environment or eliminate them completely.

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