Global Warming

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Global warming is a serious, ongoing issue within our world today. Global warming is the increase in temperatures of Earth's waters and near-surface air. The effects of global warming can be disastrous and the facts are, human activity is the main cause of global warming. While we can all do our part to prevent the catastrophic events that may occur, others constantly do things - things that may not be legal - that can contribute to the human cause of global warming.

Global warming may result in any of the following conditions getting worse over time:

  • Severe weather events
  • Species extinction
  • Rise in sea level
  • And much more

What are some examples for the human cause of global warming? Since air pollution is what is causing this, things like automobiles and coal burning power plants are some of the many things that have negative effects on the environment and contribute to global warming. If you feel someone has been causing air pollution is an illegal way, contact an environmental lawyer today.

There are also natural causes of global warming, which, of course, cannot be controlled. Changes in earth orbit and exposions on the sun are some of the many natural causes that contribute to the effects of global warming. Of course, these natural causes only help to contribute to global warming. Human activities are the most contributing causes to global warming.

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