Endangered Species

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When it comes to saving our planet and protecting our environment, one key point of this is trying to save endangered species. A species that is endangered is one that is in the danger zone for becoming extinct. Once a species is extinct, the facts are that it is gone forever and will never return. One example of an extinct species is dinosaurs. Unfortunately, species will continue to become extinct. Although nobody can completely prevent this from happening, attempts to prevent it can be made. Even worse is when some people contribute to the endangerment and extinction of a species.

Facts on Endangered Species Regarding Causes of Species Extinction Include the Following:

  • Limited Distribution
  • Habitat Changes
  • Disease
  • Pollution

Some things that occur that harm a species are sometimes out of anyone's hands. Other times, however, it is due to the negligence and carelessness of other individuals that help to contribute to species extinction. For example, a plant or animal's habitat is very important. If this habitat gets disrupted by humans, it can contribute to the destruction of a specific species.

Many plants and animals help humans in ways that humans don't always think of. For example, certain species provide many vital things such as medicines. This includes a number of species, including endangered species in the rainforest. Another factor that contributes in killing of species is the use of pesticides. When pesticides are misused, they can unintentionally harm plants and animals.

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